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Swimming in Clothes? Just do it !

Welcome to our wet support system. If you need help with swimming in clothes or a good soaking, read this section or email us.

Each month we get emails from readers having difficulty swimming in clothes because of the stupid opinions of "normal" people. Ignore the mockers, let them fry to a crisp in the sun. We swim in clothes all the time, never go topless. For us it has become normal.

Got a Problem?

We're here to help. If you have a soaking problem, ask our team. We often get wet in our clothes or go swimming fully clothed and have seen and done it all before.

Beginner Tips

If you've never gone swimming in your clothes, you haven't lived. It's incredible fun. Pick some comfy clothes, wear them in the bath or shower to see how they fit and feel when wet. Then go for a swim, but don't swim alone.

For open water bathing dress in warm clothes: T-shirt, hoodie and jeans. Robust socks and shoes keep your feet safe from sharp bits. Be careful, don't go out of your depth if you're not used to swim in clothes.


Swimming in clothes is all about expressing your individuality and a more creative choice of swim wear. There is no need to follow the standards dictated by the fashion industry. We are free to choose what clothes we want to wear on land and in the water. Don't let anyone convince you otherwise.

Popular swimming outfits are blue jeans, T-shirt and a sweatshirt. They feel incredible against the skin and shine really nice when wet.

Artistic Expression

The art of wetlook is well documented in many places around the Internet. It's good clean fun, and certainly harmless provided you take care not to slip in the tub or on pool-side.

Wetlook is a relatively new art genre which is increasingly in demand by advertisers and publishers. Advertising clients require wet images for their fitness, sports, travel and lifestyle publications.

Exciting Fun

Many of our readers normally wind up either in a pool or hot tub fully clothed. Some are quite surprised at how terrific wet clothes feel on their skin. Usually their boy friend or girl friend throws them in or coaxes them in. Sometimes girls do it just because they like it and enjoy the attention they get.

Others just wade in slowly and stop just before the water reaches the waist. The feeling is indescribable, we're told. Then they go in slowly the rest of the way until they're completely immersed and floating. Their clothes kind of float, too, and touch them gently as they float and swim. The rush is really exciting.

No Alternative

There are situations where you have little choice but to get at least partially soaked. Many adventure sports involve that you get your clothes wet at some stage. It's all part of the fun.

It can be exciting when there is "no alternative" but to get into the water with your clothes on, when dry is not an option. On the beach you don't want to get the boat scratched by the pebbles, so you have to carry the boat into the water or back onto the beach.

Thrilling Anticipation

Often the anticipation of a good soaking is just as exciting, if not more so. During a capsize training the sailing boat slowly tilts more and more. You're still dry, but you know that any moment now you'll be in the water with all your clothes on. Next your shoes and socks get wet, then bottom of your jeans. Suddenly you fall in and all your clothes are soaking wet. The thrill is incredible.

Relaxing Joy

A relaxing bath after a long day does wonders for your soul.

Taylor from the music group Hanson said: "You know, if we ever get stressed, we just do everything, we just swim in the pool with all our clothes on, get all our stress out."

Many readers find it very relaxing to just sit in the bathtub after a long day in whatever clothes they had on. It really takes away from the stresses of the day. They just enjoy their clothed soaks, or sometimes clothed showers; something they look forward to all day when they have a rough day at work. The clothes, washable as they are, simply go into the washing machine afterwards.

Our readers enjoy this hobby either in the company of others or in the privacy of their own home. So while some may refer to it as "unusual", it is indeed something many of us consider a perfectly normal and relaxing activity.

News Splash

Alwyn Inga joins Wacky Wet World

We are delighted to have the talented fashion photographer Alwyn Inga, also known as AI, on board to help us capture the latest swimwear fashion trends through his lens. Alwyn's expertise in image editing and post-processing helps bring out the best in every shot, creating a stunning visual display of fun in wet clothes.

Alwyn's creativity with clothes in the water is unparalleled, and he has an innate ability to make every outfit look effortlessly natural and sensible. His photographs show the carefree spirit of individuals enjoying their clothes in the water, capturing the essence of the beach or pool lifestyle and evoking a happy, laid-back vibe.

From colourful hoodies to trendy anoraks and capes, Alwyn's photographs showcase the latest water clothing trends, making it easy for fashion enthusiasts to stay up-to-date with the latest styles. His unique perspective on wet fashion helps us appreciate the beauty of each garment.

Alwyn's work exudes a joyful attitude, capturing the fun and excitement that comes with wearing beautiful wet clothes. His portraits showcase the camaraderie and affection shared between friends and lovers as they frolic in the water, making wet clothes fashion and fun go hand in hand, and highlighting the beauty and grace of each piece of clothing.

Overall, Alwyn's photographs of watersports fashion capture the essence of a wet lifestyle, inspiring us to embrace the laid-back attitude and enjoy the beauty of the water. He's been swimming in clothes since childhood, encouraged by his parents. This experience clearly shows in his work.

boracay sailing boat sun protection poncho
boracay sailing boat sun protection poncho

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